Say hello to the Iyashi Heat Patch

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  • Targeted Pain Relief

    Designed to increase blood flow and relax muscles in the affected area, providing localized relief from period pain.

  • Portable and discreet design

    Easy to apply, discreet under clothing, and portable for on-the-go relief.

  • Drug-Free Alternative

    A non-pharmacological option for those who prefer not to take medications or cannot use certain pain relievers.

  • Low Risk of Side Effects

    Follow instructions for use to minimize risks and avoid applying on sensitive skin or open wounds.

  • Consistent Heat Delivery

    Provides sustained heat therapy for up to 6-8 hours, offering prolonged relief from period pain.

A complete guide on using the Iyashi Heat Therapy patches

Unwrap the Magic

Open up the pouch and strip off the adhesive when you're in need. This heat therapy patch works its magic when exposed to air, so save the reveal until the right moment.

Stick it on

Position the heat patch on the lower abdomen or lower back, ensuring it is on either side of the underwear and not directly on the skin.

Feel The Heat

Experience the comforting warmth of our heat patch for up to 8 hours as you go about your day.

End of the journey

Once the patch has cooled carefully cut open the patch and dispose its content together with the cover into the household waste.


How do I use the Iyashi Heat Therapy Patch?

1. Tear open the packet and take the patch out. Remove the protective film and stick on the affected area (lower abdomen or lower back).
2. Its thin, odorless, self-adhesive design allows it to be applied on your lower abdomen over underwear for discreet use.
3. Keep on for up to 8 hours according to preference, and enjoy a less painful period at home, at work or on the move.

How does the Heat Therapy Patch work?

These non-medicinal patches are air activated, i.e. emit heat upon contact with the atmosphere. Once opened, the ingredients generate heat naturally by oxidizing the iron powder, a natural “rusting” which produces heat when mixed with oxygen in the air. It may take 20-30 minutes to reach the ideal therapeutic effect of continuous superficial heating. The self-heating patches alleviate pain, relax muscles and increase local circulation to effectively aid in cramp relief at the site of application.

How long does each Heat Therapy Patch last?

For best results, wear for 6-8 hours as it emits steady and soothing heat for up to 8 hours.

What ingredients are the Heat Therapy Patches made of?

Iyashi Heat Therapy Patches are eco-friendly and natural containing iron powder, charcoal, salt and vermiculite. All ingredients are biodegradable, and the patch may be disposed with your regular garbage. If desired, the contents may be emptied into soil, where it acts as a soil conditioner.

Why should I use the Heat Therapy Patch instead of Pink Panadol or hot water bags?

– Heat is a safe, highly effective and more natural way to alleviate pain. Choosing a Heat Therapy Patch avoids the adverse side effects of painkillers on the body.
– This product is ready to use, portable and discreet. It is easy to use for sustained relief wherever you are, unlike the hot water bag.

How many Heat Therapy Patches are there in one pack?

Each box contains 3 individually wrapped, air activated heating patches. Perfect to stash at home or in your bag for on-the-go relief.

Is this Heat Therapy Patch reusable?

Each patch is made for one time use only. Do not attempt to microwave or re-heat. Iyashi Heat Therapy Patches are designed to provide continuous low level heat for up to 8 hours from the moment it is exposed to air. After 8 hours it will lose its heat and harden.

What safety precautions should I be aware of while using this Heat Therapy Patch?

– Do not stick the Heat Therapy Patch directly on to skin.
– Do not forget to check your skin during use. If you feel any irritation or discomfort, remove it immediately. For sensitive skin, slight redness is normal after use.
– Do not use when you are sleeping or otherwise unable to remove the patch.
– Limit to using one patch within 24 hours over the same area.
– Do not use in conjunction with any other source of heat, pain rubs, medicated creams or ointments.
– Your safety is our top priority, so please avoid misusing the Heat Therapy Patches as this may cause mild burns or blisters.
–  Keep away from children and pets.

What can I do if the Heat Therapy Patch feels too hot for me?

Iyashi Heat Therapy Patches have been designed to deliver a comfortable, well-controlled level of heat. This may not mean that it is the right amount of heat for everyone, as heat tolerance varies. Apply the patch over a thin layer of clothing and follow all above precautions. If you still feel the level of heat is not tolerable for you, you may want to discontinue.

Who should not use this heating patch?

– Children below 13 years
– People with skin conditions, scars or wounds with exposed skin
– Diabetic patients with altered sensation
– Pregnant women
If you have any of the above conditions, consult a doctor before use

Does the Heat Therapy Patch increase menstrual flow?

Our heating patches do not affect your flow, but they do help make it less painful and more bearable.

When travelling on planes, are these Heat Therapy Patches safe to wear?

Yes. You can enjoy the benefits of this Heat Therapy Patch during flight, train, bus and car travel. They are safe and will not set off alarms at the airport. The Heat Therapy Patches are non-combustible at high altitude, and you may wear them over your clothes or carry them in your luggage.